Forever in a day

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I found your twitter today. It completely hit me by surprise until I remembered I found that exact account a few months after you left. I read over your tweets which was only 11, over and over again. Through the years that have passed since you left I’ve realized you used a lot of social sites and loved connecting with your fans. I was very confused the first time I found it. I didn’t know what to think. But tonight, I honestly feel as though you pointed me to it. Why I have no clue. Maybe you just wanted to show me you had a….God I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. I just feel like you wanted me to look at it once more and know it really was you. I was so shocked. Happy. Extremely joyful. But then reality hit me. You aren’t here anymore and there will never be another tweet from you. No new music. No new videos. No more love from the big heart you shared through endless hate thrown at you. I cannot imagine the pain you went through in your life but I pray to God every night that you are finally happy. I miss you so very much. One day I will see you for the first time. I love you so much. I miss you

Chapter 24- Love Makes Things Happen

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A month later

Sandra’s POV

“So you’re telling me Michael Jackson is alive?”

“Yes! That’s what I’ve been telling you all this time!”

The fat hairy long bearded police officer looks at me incredulously….I knew it’d be a waste.

With a quick pick up of my purse I get up from the chair and leave the building walking back to my car wondering what I could possibly do to save Michael.

Makael! I reach in my purse and grab my cell phone quickly dialing his number.

“Makael? Hey it’s Sandra, listen I need you to do something for me. I cant tell you exactly what it’s for or why…or anything for that matter. Just please call the police and report them to 4576 west lakes burrow st….no im not in trouble…please just do this for me. Do it from a payphone! No this isn’t a joke please Makael I need you to do this for me it’s very important…thank you so much sweetie. Meet me at Olive Garden tonight, we need to talk about some things.”

Shais’ POV

“What are you going to name him? …or her. Can he be another Jr if it’s a boy?” Michael asks of me with big bright eyes. I kept telling myself I wasn’t pregnant, trying to stress myself out so I wouldn’t have to make this child go through hell with us but it hasn’t worked. Obviously God has other plans for me…I just hope my baby lives a good life. I look to Michael and smile, all he’s been doing since he found out is talking about the baby, what he or she will look like, how he hopes the baby will have my looks…although I wish for the opposite, what he would have for the baby if we weren’t in this situation, and now he’s on the name…he’s been very busy with thoughts of his soon to be newborn.

“Michael…you have 2 Jr’s already don’t you think that’s enough?” I end with a small laugh. He bites his lip thoughtfully and looks up to the ceiling placing his index finger on the dimple of his chin.

“hmmm…..nope. Technically I have only one Jr. Prince…well he’s Prince Michael Joseph Jackson…that’s his first name…Prince. Blanket…he is the Jr. Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.” We share a simple laugh together at his little name situation with his boys.

“Well I don’t know Michael. That’s kind of confusing. How about Jaidine Michael Jackson? He still has your initials…just mixed up a bit.” He puts on his ‘thinking face’ again.

“hmmm..Jaidine…ok, that’s fine. I like that. As long as he has my first name somewhere in his name.” He makes a smug face. I have to laugh at how proud he is of his name. I place a hand gently on the side of his face as he lays his head on my lap and looks up at the ceiling once more and caress his cheek softly.

“So what about if it’s a girl? Can we name her Katherine? After my mother…” His glowful expression soon fades as he mentions her, I know he misses her dearly. I miss my family as well. I’ve even lost time of how long we’ve been in here.

“Of course, her name can be Katherine Denise Jackson. Your mothers first name and my mothers middle name…how’s that sound?” I try my best to cheer him up with a smile.

He looks at me and smiles brightly. “That sounds perfect. I can’t wait to meet our baby. See our baby. Hold our baby…*sighs* gosh, our baby is going to be so beautiful. I just wish he or she didn’t have to grow up in this…this…shit” He ends frustrated and gets up from my lap, sitting in his usual upset form with his back against the wall and hands clasped tightly in front of him, laying gently on his knees. He stares out into space, that frightful ‘lost’ look coming back…I haven’t seen it since the last time Tommy forced us to have sex. Since he’s found out I was pregnant he, shockingly, hasn’t given Michael any medicine whatsoever. No harm, no beating, no poison…nothing. I hate to say this but he’s actually been very nice. Other than the stupid room we’re in, it feels like we’ve been staying in a moderate hotel room, healthy, good and tasty food 3 times every day, clean clothes, showers, the whole shebang. Now that doesn’t mean we haven’t had sex…my hormones have been raging now that im in my third month of pregnancy and well..I’ve been wanting it a lot lately. I don’t know if Tommy still watches or not, he’s rarely in the lab room anymore.

“Michael…feel.” I grab his hand with a cheeky grin and place it directly on my stomach, a little to the right…the pitter-patter footsteps I felt for a quick second have left, almost disappointing me but come back full force as Michael’s hand warms up that spot. He looks up at me and reciprocates the same cheeky grin I gave him. His eyes sparkle with magic, joy and happiness.

“Awww” Is all he can say. I feel him relax tremendously and he then turns his body to face mine, placing his other hand in place of the one I grabbed before. He leans over and kisses me softly whispering he loves me before he does the exact same to my belly.

My heart fills with joy as he does this. I know im young but I’ve wanted a baby for a while now. Of course not like this and in this hell that I am currently resided in but I’ve wanted one. And for it to be Michael Jacksons baby…im starting to like being pregnant.

In my 3rd month, im wondering everyday what she or he will look like, how it will act, how big it will be, if it will have Michael’s eyes…and so fourth. I also, unfortunately had too much time to think about the terrible things that could happen. I might have a miscarriage, the baby might come out with a defect (not saying I wont love it any less), Tommy might take our baby away from us, and do God knows what with it. I pray these things don’t happen but with my mentality of being trapped here for so long, it’s hard to be positive anymore.


Tommy’s POV

“Tommy, what the hell do you think you’re going to do with a baby? You can’t keep it.”

“Why not? It’s a helpless child!”

“Tommy! It’s a baby! You can not raise a baby in this place!”

“It’s a hospital and I know very well how to deliver babies, thank you very much!”

“…You can’t raise a child in this place Thomas” My brother walks away without another word ending the argument. I roll my eyes at him and ignore his request. How does he expect me to kill a child? An innocent baby that we can raise ourselves and teach our way of life to it. He would have known that was my plan if he had just listened to me longer…oh? What’s that?

I get up from my cozy chair and walk towards the window behind my desk, looking down at the entrance I see 2 police cars and 3 policemen at the door. I replace my white lab coat with a green sweater, remove my glasses for contacts and walk to the elevator. I push the down arrow and wait for my chariot. As the doors open I see Sandra, catching me by surprise, my breath catches in my throat.

“Sandra…what are you doing here?” This is very suspicious to me. I haven’t seen her in over a month. She walks out of the elevator smiling warmly at me.

“Hello Mr. Starkit. I’m here for work.”

“Work? You haven’t been here in almost 2 months and you still think you have the job?” I cross my arms at her, awaiting her answer.

“Well, I need the money sir. I’d really appreciate it if I could work with you again.” She looks down ashamed of herself. Her features are so beautiful to me. It’s hard to stay stern with her. I think about this for a while until the sound of hard knocking and “it’s the police!! Open Up!” burns my thoughts of anything I shouldn’t have been thinking.

“Go answer the door and see what they want. Come back up here and we will talk.” Her eyes grow big for the slightest second, I would have missed it had I not been paying attention to her. She nods her head and walks back into the elevator. Before the door closes I catch them and warn her.

“Oh and Sandra, dear, don’t do anything stupid…or as you would think…brave. I wouldn’t want to hurt you dear.” The doors close and I walk back into my office, removing my get up and changing back into something comfortable.

I wont lie, my mind races at all the possibilities aka problems I have now encountered. Oh why, why do I have to think Sandra of such beauty? It is difficult to stay focused when she is around. She has manipulated me once into letting her go. Not a single bruise on her. I was a fool to let that happen. She knows…everything. This could be the end for us. No doubt she probably had the police called here herself. Trying to save Michael. Well. She will not do that again. No more, will I play the fool. Never again will she even leave this place. She should have never came back. This will have to be her new home now.

Sandra’s POV

Damnit! I should have planned this more. Now it is ruined. He probably know…no, he knows I was the one to have the cops called. Of course he has no proof but he knows it was my idea. Now I have to sit here explaining to them it must have been a fake call. I pray Makael didn’t use his personal number. I do not want him in trouble for this. I had to come up with a lie though. It wasn’t enough cops and I’ve seen one too many crazy lunatics, aka people like Tommy, take down army’s of police. So 3, was definitely not enough.

“I’m so sorry for the inconvenience officers. Enjoy the rest of your day.” I smile brightly as the officers’ tip their hats and retreat back to their cars, the fattest one mumbling something along the lines of ‘damn kids’. I walk back toward the elevator, gearing myself up for what will probably be the worst beating in history. I know Tommy is upset with me.

But that is not the most important thing. What is…Michael. How am I going to get him some help now? And what about Makael? He could be put in jail for that call. God I pray he used a payphone like I asked him to! We’ve been going steady since that night we met. He’s so sweet and caring…just pure wonderment. Not to mention he’s a great lover. Don’t even get me started on that.

I pull my blouse away from my body in need of some of that cool air hitting my body. Can’t be going off to lala land while I’m here…that is very dangerous. The doors open and I step inside. Pushing the second level button I raise my head in confidence, repeating to myself this will work out. I will help them. They will be safe. The world will know of this horrid place and burn it down with the owner behind all of this.

As I step out the elevator, I notice Tommy pushing a cart with Shai laying on top. Her eyes are closed and she looks extremely relaxed…too relaxed if you ask me. My heart drops. Realizing she’s dead has triggered immediate tears to form and drop. I quietly walk down the hall to the room Michael is in…I hope he is still there. As I walk further down my mind ponders at why he is just now removing her body. Why has she not been buried yet and why there is no stench? I think deeply at these thoughts wondering if he was keeping her body for experiments, torture…or worse…his own pleasure. I shake my head quickly to drain those horrid thoughts. I step to Michael’s door and knock quietly but loud enough so I can be heard.

“…why are you knocking?” I sigh of relief, he is still there and he sounds healthier than he did before. His voice sounds strong…alive. I grab for my keys realizing I do not have them back yet. I curse myself silently as I remember I just came back not even 30 minutes ago. I don’t have any of my resources to the hospital nor do I have my work clothes. Great. I walk back down the corridor not saying anything to Michael. I don’t want him to be upset with me. Ha, like it will help just bursting through the door and cheerfully exclaiming ‘I am here to save you Michael!”

I shake my head at my thoughts once more and walk into Tommy’s office. Of course I inspect the room thoroughly before walking in, making sure he’s not back and no one else is around. I look under billions of paper on his desk, through his drawers and even through his coats until I hear a jingle. My head whips up toward the door. I straighten up and quickly sit in the chair in front of his desk, crossing my legs and taking a deep breath to get back into character. Not too long after he walks through humming a song.

“Oh, there you are dear. I was looking for you.” I look up at him and smile. He sits down in his chair and leans back comfortably, eyeing me with a cold hard stare. The inside of me is screaming, shivering, and wanting to puke everywhere just being in this damn room. I blink a couple of times to rid the thought from my head and sit up straight waiting for him to speak.

“What did the police want?”

“They said they received a call from some guy asking them to check this place out.” I shrug my shoulders. There’s no sense in lying, plus it might help my not wanting to be caught in the middle of this.

“Hmm. There have been no visitors here other than you in the last 10 years Sandra. How do you suppose that guy found the address?” I pucker my lips to the side and place a finger to them in deep thought.

“That’s a good question sir.” I keep my confidence high and my lies even higher. He looks at me with that same stupid stare as if he’s waiting for me to break. Waiting for me to spill everything I’ve done and said to Dani and waiting for me to admit I not only knew the guy that called the police but I was the one to have him call…I gave him the address. He finally sits up in his chair, leaning forward over the desk and clasping his hands together.

“So, my understanding you want this job back huh?”

“Yes sir.”

“Why?” Now it’s time to put all that practice I did for this exact moment to the test.

“Well to be honest, it gives me a thrill being here. Having all these patients under my care, under my watch…being in control of them, including my idol…I love the power…the authority I have working here. I figure if I can’t have Michael as my own, I will make him be my slave. You have taught me to see the world in a whole new light sir.” His mouth dropped from the second I said it gives me a thrill. The slow licks to my lips helped catch him by surprise too.

Got cha right where I want you.

He licks his dry lips and sits up straight, fixing his jacket over himself probably to cover his tiny hard on. Not like I could see it anyway. He nods his head slowly, understanding my want to be here. He bites his lip and a thoughtful look appears on his face. He leans back in his chair again, relaxing in the moment. Bathing in everything I just said.

“I like the way you think dear. You…you are the first…out of many might I add that has actually begun to see the world the way I do. I like that a lot Sandra. You have drive, you have pride, you have confidence…that’s all features I quite certainly love in women…ok, you want the job back? You got it.” He smiles mischievously at me and reaches in his pocket, bringing my old set of keys out and pushing them towards me. Jackpot! I place a look on my face matching his perfectly. I grab for my keys as I am about to thank him, but he grabs my hand in the process and looks me in the eyes.

Shit…I’ve only seen it once but I know what that look means. I gulp my fear and dread down my throat, knowing I have to do this for Michael.

“You must first prove to me how bad you really want your job back.” He leans back once more and unbuttons his pants, pushing them down to his knees. I take a deep breath and stand up, walking behind the desk to stand in front of him, I can not believe I am about to do this for the 2nd time in my life. I get down on my knees and pleasure this tiny little bud of what is supposed to be a penis.


Sandra’s POV

Hours later

“Hey babe!” I smile brightly as I see Makael walk up to the table. He looks so very handsome but worried at the same time. I don’t even want to worry about that right now. I’ve been through enough today and I just want to be happy with him. He smiles back and sits in the chair directly in front of me after giving me a smooch.

“Hey, so what’s up?” wow, he wants to get right down to the dirty details huh? Well, he will just have to wait.

“What do you mean? I just wanted to see you and have a nice dinner tonight. Is that a crime?”

“Why did you give me that address today? Why did the cops need to be involved with that?” I look around nonchalantly praying nobody has heard him and eye him with a look letting him know I am not in the mood right now.

“What are you going to eat? I think I will get the Ravioli di Portobello. It looks really good.” I observe the menu until the waitress comes by to take our orders. Makael orders the Chicken Parmigiana and a sprite. My drink? Mascato…yes I’m in need of a little buzz tonight. So sue me.

“Why are you drinking? You brought your own car…do I need to remind you?” I could just take those lips of his and twist them till they fall off!

“No smartass, I know I drove. I am not getting drunk, it’s one glass of wine…it will not hurt.” I eye him hard to let him know im done with the conversation and his bullshit tonight.

“I don’t think it’s safe and I don’t like it.” ugh, he is so strong willed and stubborn!!!

“Well what do you suppose I have to drink Makael? Since you make all the decisions so suddenly.”

“…what’s wrong with you? If you didn’t want to come out tonight or see me you shouldn’t have asked me to meet you here. I would have given you your space.” His eyes burn into my soul, making me feel like an ass. I take a deep breath and slowly release, looking at him I feel his pain. His confusion. His worry…

“I’m sorry. I just…things have been a bit hard for me lately and I’m just having a hard time trying to deal with them. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I look away ashamed. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt him, I was just in a horrible mood after leaving ‘work’. I didn’t even get to see Michael. He reaches a hand over and places it on top of mine, causing me to look at him. He smiles at me and squeezes my hand gently.

“Hey, it’s alright. We all have days like these. What do you say about getting our food to go and going back to my place? You’ve never been there anyway, it isn’t as nice as yours but it’s pretty cozy inside.”

“That sounds like a plan.” I smile brightly, genuinely and lean forward to kiss him.

Once our food arrives in our doggie bags, Makael pays the bill and we take off in his car. Not before he forces me to call Dani and have her pick my car up after work that is.

Chapter 23- Fate Will Call Upon You

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“I’m sorry…” I quickly apologize to the woman who I bumped into making her drop her groceries. I help her pick them up and continue to apologize until she promises me that everything is alright. I sigh and stand tall ready to walk away and go back to thinking of how I messed up as she quickly walks, almost runs, away to continue her business as well.

“Excuse me!…um Shontell, here, you forgot your wallet.” I find her name on her license and meet her halfway. She grabs at her wallet and swiftly walks away. I look at her like she’s a crazy person, why did she seem so afraid? I wasn’t going to hurt her geez.

Hmm, that was strange.

I guess she was just busy. Oh well…but my mind tells me to get to know this woman better instead of questioning her actions.

I get in my car and drive to Wal-Mart to pick up some things. Dani hasn’t said a word to me since I acted out and lost my mind a bit. I just…I feel as though he’s mine now. Shai is dead…unfortunately but my entire goal was to save Michael…not her…well not technically anyways.

My thoughts are racing, I try to keep a focus on the road seeing as I am driving but my mind just wont stop thinking. There are so many questions, so many faces, so many thoughts and it’s driving me crazy!!! I pull the car over in a haste almost causing an accident, bang my head on the steering wheel and cry helplessly. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

“Ma’am!! Are you ok?” An alarming knock on my window startles me. I look up through wet eyes, blinking away the tears. This guy is kind of cute…brown hazelnut curly shoulder length hair, same hazelnut eyes, full lips, mocha skin, cute button nose, large hands, and a bright white smile to wrap that wonderful package up.

“Ma’am?” and he’s respectful too…

“Uh? Oh.. um yea im fine. Thank you.” I roll the window down just a crack so he can hear me better.

“I said I’m fine. Thank you.”

“do you need some assistance? I know a lot about cars. I could help you miss.” His voice is so smooth…goodness.

“oh no, that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with my car. I’m just a little crazy at the moment.” ….did I really just admit that to a stranger?? *facepalm*

“oh haha, we all are a little. No worries. Do you need a shoulder? An ear? Haha I got both *smiles*” ….*sighs* he’s so dreamy.

“you know what, I think I’ll take you up..on that offer! On the offer…” Gosh I have never been so…12 year old with a man!!!!

“ha ha, well come on. There’s a nice little diner down the street. We could walk…it’s a beautiful day anyways.”

“Ok.” I grab my belongings, turn the car off, slowly step out with handsomes helping hand and lock my car.

“What’s your name miss?”

“Sandra…yours?” I look at him with a clear vision and notice something very strange…something very familiar….I just can’t put my hand on it.

“Mike…well it’s actually Makael but I like Mike better…its easier for people to pronounce and it’s the name of my idol.” Mocha skin, hazelnut eyes, curly shoulder length hair, strong masculine features, broad shoulders, lean dancers body, large hands,…gosh those hands, that soft sincere voice…oh my goodness. Mike? Favorite name of his idol…omg this is too good to be true.

“Mike huh? Would that happen to be for Michael Jackson?”

He blushes and bites his lip before answering…gosh this is too good to be true!!!!

“yes ma’am. That man is a genius…he really is. Now I don’t want you thinking I’m an impersonator or anything because im not. I just…well..from what I hear, you know I don’t believe it at all…I just look a lot like him…in the late 80s…bad era…you know…” oh my God he even does the ‘wink’ the same way…Lord help me.

“Well…its true…you look just like him…the only difference is the hair and your eyes are a bit lighter than his…everything else is pretty much the same…” I wonder how much of everything else is the same…good lord Sandra get a hold of yourself!!! Worrying about the mans penis…that is just wrong………that’s wrong. Don’t do it anymore Sandra!

“…or in person?”

“excuse me?” I blink a couple of times and look away blushing…focus Sandra focus!!!!

“I asked have you ever seen him in concert or in person?” He bites his lip to hold back a giggle. Great now he’s laughing at me…

“oh..yea I’ve seen him a lot…I used to work with him…I…” Then reality hits me smack dab in the face… the pain and confusion comes back and stabs my heart repeatedly.

“Are you ok Sandra? I know it’s hard talking about him im sorry I shouldn’t have asked. Please forgive me.”

“no it’s…it’s not you…im sorry I just…im sorry.” He wipes some tears away gently, kissing my cheek afterward.

“Come on, lets go get something to eat. My treat.” He says while embracing me warmly…gosh he even holds me like Michael held me the first time I met him.

“are you sure you’re not Michael’s secret little brother or something?” I say to lighten the mood and to get my mind off of the real Michael. He laughs heartily and licks his lips before answering….Good God this is true damn good to be true.

“I wish I was his brother…”

“Don’t we all wish we knew him personall-“

“Hey let me ask you a question…do you feel that he’s gone? I know this is a hard topic to speak about being a Michael Jackson fan but do you have that feeling that he’s not here anymore?”

Oh God, what do I say? Play along or tell the truth? **** **** ****!!!! What do I say? What do I say?

“Um, well…I don’t think he’s gone…I don’t feel it in my heart…never did” well there’s some truth to that.

“Me either. I feel he’s still here…I know this may sound crazy but I don’t know. I just feel like maybe he’s lost somewhere or kidnapped. A lot of money hungry, psychotic obsessed, jealous people wanted him…what if he’s still here in the world somewhere?”

“…That could be true.”

“Yea, hopefully it is. They say you’re suppose to feel when someone you care about and love passes away. No matter where in the world they are. And I haven’t felt it yet…man it would be amazing if that were true. If anybody knew about him being alive…man I hope they come out and say it. I would help them. I swear I would.”

My throat became dry and hoarse as soon as he said ‘alive’. My heart stopped for a minute, I stopped breathing. What am I doing? Out in the world like this knowing the information I know. I should stay inside my house for the rest of my life and rott away…im too afraid to say anything. I don’t know where Dani is…what if Tommy found her…oh God.

“Oh my goodness I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to make you cry again. Please forgive me Sandra.” He embraces me once more. I don’t even realize I’m crying. I feel numb inside. I feel extremely hot too. This isn’t me. I gotta get my head correct.

“Im fine. Im sorry I’m so emotional Makael. Geez I don’t know whats wrong with me. I don’t even realize when im crying until you say something. Isnt that crazy?” I laugh halfheartedly to lighten the mood. He smiles that lovely bright smile to me and pats my hands gently.

“Hey I told you we’re all a little crazy.”



“Can we get out of here. I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you but I really just want to be home..but…well..I don’t want to be alone at the moment. Do you mind coming home with me?” I look down while asking, I’m very shy at the moment. Although it’s nothing new.

“Sure. As long as you’re comfortable with it.”

**Back at Sandra’s place**

Glass broken, my vase with my lucky red roses scattered on the floor, clothes everywhere…my bra on the kitchen table?? How did that get there? When didn’t even go in the kitchen. Oh gosh. I blush ten shades of red as I look at the monument of a mess Makael and I have made. I don’t know how it happened. I cried most of the way home thinking about Dani, wondering if she is ok. I let Makael drive since my vision was ruined by my stupid pointless emotionless tears.

We got lost thanks to my mind not being clear, crowded with thoughts of Michael, Dani and Shai…Tommy popped in those thoughts ever so often. When we made it home, which was about 2 hours later thanks to me, we were both very tired. I opened the door, walked in, tossed my purse and shoes in the middle of the floor, went to the kitchen. There I called to him and asked if he was thirsty. He said he’d like a water please, I poured some cranberry juice for myself and went back into the living room where I announced he could sit wherever.

I sit next to him on the couch, we sit our drinks on my coffee table and next thing I know we’re attacking each other like male lions fighting for their territory. I don’t have to give you the details of the rest, you all know what happened…obviously.

“2:45am? Geez how long did we have sex?” I begin to pick up the scattered clothes and broken glass when I cut myself.

“****!” clumsy me. I run it under some cold water and place a bandage on the cut, hoping I didn’t wake Makael. I look down at the broken glass and choose not to try to finish that job at the moment.

I walk back into my room where my new lover is laying in my bed, sleeping so beautifully. Like a baby. I crawl in bed with him and examine his features once more. His chestnut curly hair tussled around his face, like bad era Michael from Come Together, or Dirty Diana. His strong masculine features so soft and gentle, flawess. His pouty rose red lips forming a very small smile, like bad era Michael when he’s shy or blushing, as he sleeps. His large masculine but soft hands, like bad era Michael….hell like Michaels, now on my body, wrapped around my back as I scoot closer to him. Those lips…so very soft.

I kiss them. Oh gosh those lips…and those features…Lord…it’s me again…I need your forgiveness once more.

I pray to the God above as I wake Makael up.

“hm?” He says softly, I need to wake him up fully.
I decide to go about it my own way, slowly sliding my hand down his chest, which is also like Bad era Michaels, caramel, toned, defined, lean…oh God…playing with his outtie for a couple of seconds till his stomach retracts away. I take that chance to slide my hand in his boxers, sliding it down his full length…which is also…you guessed it, like Michaels. Thick, juicy, long, amazing…a true joy stick.

He begins stirring in his sleep, his hips being to move with my hand as I kiss him, softly calling his name.


“Make love to me again…please.” I beg of him. The rest of that night…well morning, we make love…till the break of dawn.

Angry birds!!!

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I’ve had this game for a while now and I must say I’m addicted to it lol. I’ve beat the game save for the “special levels”. I’m working on those but I began to get frustrated so I’m working on beating all my original scores. Here’s a screen shot of one of the levels that cheated me to the fullest extinct xD

Don’t Walk Away {adult version}

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“What do you like most about the way things are?” Michael asks you, sitting directly across from you, as he sips his wine. Placing it down and lifting his eyebrows he awaits your answer.

“In general? Well, personally, I find it very awkward for us to be acting so childish like this. Just because I’ve moved on doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be friends. We have children for God’s sake.” You tell him quietly. You don’t want to argue with him again. You’ve done that enough since your split with him. You did love him. You can’t deny that. He just couldn’t take care of you and your children the way you were hoping, being on the road all the time. You appreciated everything he did but him not being there made nothing matter. All you and your kids wanted was him.

“I asked what you like…not what you dislike.” The irritation in his voice is full force. He’s not trying to hide it at all.

You pick up some Fettuccine with your fork, wrapping it around a couple of times before you bring it to your mouth and eat it. You thoroughly chew your food and even take a sip of wine before answering him. Truth is, you’re looking for an answer. You don’t know what you like about the way things are. You shift in your seat and raise your head with confidence and clear your throat.

“I don’t like anything about our relationship or what we’ve come to, Michael. We have children, you are my best friend. I’d like for us to be friends without trying to kill one another or arguing every time.”

He grabs his glass of wine and gulps the rest down in one take. Sitting it back on the table with more force than what was needed, he gets up from the table grabbing his plate and walking to the sink.

“Yeah? Well you should have thought about that before you decided to leave me.” You sigh feeling the argument racing around the corner, coming full force at you. You continue to eat your food, slowly sipping your wine. You notice Michael turn around after washing his plate clean. He leans back against the counter and crosses his arms, looking at you with a hard look.

“Do you really love him?” You throw your hands up in surrender, you knew this was coming. You push your plate away and drink the rest of your wine as well, no need to let it go to waste, right? You remove yourself from your seat and begin to walk away, but to no avail as you soon feel his large hand quickly grab your arm.

“Michael what??” You say almost as a plea. A plea for him to let your arm go, a plea for him to just stop this madness altogether or a plea for him to come back home. You’d be telling the biggest lie of all time if you said you didn’t miss him and were still very much in love with him.

“Answer my question.” He grips your arm tighter, letting you know he’s not playing games. You look away, unable to look him in the eyes, with a smack of your lips you answer a quick and frank ‘yes’ . He laughs sarcastically and lets go of your arm walking into the living room to sit down on the couch that you both once made love on. You weren’t expecting it but that little gesture that just acquired really pissed you off. As if he knows you love him or not…who is he to do and think such things?!

You march to him and stand directly in front of him, blocking his view from the television. He looks up at you with his brows raised, waiting for your next move. You end up lost in his eyes, in his features. Those soft sweet red lips of his. The deep and rare brown of his eyes, the chiseled and masculine jawline and neck, in full view of your eyes. You gulp and look away exhaling a strong blow of air. You can feel your blood boiling inside…as well as butterflies in your stomach. A feeling you do not want to recreate but you miss so very much.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“What you did back there when I told you I love him? What did that laugh mean, Michael?” He spreads his legs to get comfortable and leans back on the couch spreading his arms out as well, still looking at you, he smiles.

“It means I know you’re lying. Why I don’t know but you know damn well you don’t love him.” As he speaks you notice his voice is deeper, more dominant. Silently, your breath catches in your throat, your breathing pace then picks up, your chest beginning to heave up and down quicker than it should. You pray he doesn’t notice these things.

“Maybe you’re trying to convince yourself that you love him. I don’t know, but it aint working on me.” His Midwestern twang starts to shine through in his accent. Causing an even bigger depth in the pit of your stomach. Damnit why does he always have to be so sexy with everything he does???

You shift your weight and place your hands on your hips, pursing your lips, you stare at him. Half of you wants to attack him and the other half wants to slap him. You take a deep breath to rid your mind of the thoughts racing right now. Both evil thoughts equally matched with naughty thoughts. You shake your head in surrender and shrug your shoulders.

“I don’t…You….this is just unacceptable…I…Why…UGH!” Unable to find the right words you walk away but once again to no avail as you soon feel his hand, gently, grab your wrist, pulling you back to him. Your mind is screaming to jerk away from him, wanting to go back home to Leo, but your body won’t let you pull away. It’s enjoying his touch all too much. You soon find yourself sitting next to him, holding in shivers from his hand caressing yours.

“Why are you lying? You know you’re like an open book to me. I can read you so clear.” His voice deepens even more, he moves closer and places a kiss on your cheek. Your body and your mind are at war right now. You have no clue what to do. He kisses your cheek softly again. After not getting slapped, punched or pushed away he continues.

Kissing your neck gently, soft, so lovingly. He moves lower down your neck to your collar bone, placing a firm kiss on it. Michael’s hand has now moved from yours to your leg, maybe your conscious told you to where this dress tonight for this specific reason, because his hand wastes no time sliding under and massages your thigh. That was always something you couldn’t say no to. It’s your weak spot and he knows it. You can’t find words to say, you can’t even find the energy to move. If breathing wasn’t an involuntary source you’d sure be dead by now.

He softly licks a trail from your collar bone to your earlobe, sucking and biting it gently, causing a tiny moan to escape your mouth.

“You miss me…?” He states, if it wasn’t for the unsureness at the end you would have made sure to find the power to punch him directly in the face. You still can’t find words to speak. You gulp and enjoy more of his gentle touching until he stops and looks at you.

“Do you miss me?” His eyes show pain, hurt, sorrow, depression, disbelief. They beg of you to say yes. Your eyes soon fill with tears and before you know it you’re softly crying. Michael sighs, giving up on the whole ordeal and sitting back against the couch, leaning his head back he quietly apologizes.

“Just make love to me” You have no idea where that plea came from but it gets Michaels attention in a world record speed. He whips his head toward you and looks unsure of what to do or say.

“Please” You feel more tears slide down your face, you want to wipe them away but you feel almost afraid to move. You don’t have to worry about that much longer as Michael kisses them away. His lips soon find yours, his large hands gently holding your face, your lips touch. It reminds you of the very first kiss you endeavored with him. Both afraid to move too fast, taking your time, careful to not make the other uncomfortable but both wanting so bad to get right to it.

Your lips tremble under his, your eyes still water. His lips finally begin to move after what seems like an eternity. He grasps your bottom lip in between them and sucks lightly. Your lips soon react as well, capturing his bottom lip between yours and returning the favor, adding a slow swipe of your tongue across his lip. Soon his breathing picks up and he moves forward, causing a full blown make out match with you. Your tongues dance and swirl and spin in ecstasy, your hands fondling each other profusely, your minds riding back down memory lane.

Your dress is soon lifted off of your body, leaving your breast bare in the air conditioned home. His thumb brushes over your hard nipple, then his hand soon gropes your breast in all its glory. Massaging and kneading at it like a baker with dough. His free hand takes its advantage and moves down to your woman hood. Sliding his finger up and down your panties, right over your slit, feeling how wet you are for him he slips his hand inside and his finger finds itself touching the exact same spot with bareness.

Your moans fill the room with his name called every once in a while as he sucks on your neck, leaving his mark, caresses your breast gently in his hand and plays with your love button, circling his finger around it so lightly. Needless to say, your legs have unconsciously spread for him to have full access to everything sacred on your body.

His middle finger soon inserts itself into your warmth. Your mouth opens to the shape of an O, your head lays back as it gives him more access to your neck. You’ve missed his touch so much. You never thought you’d go back to him, after all it’s been a year since you split. His touch makes you miss everything, brings all feelings you thought were gone to surface and walk all over you.

Your body starts to take action and your hips thrust up into Michael’s hand as he inserts two fingers and picks his pace up. He’s now moved to your breast, suckling and licking with small but rough bites to your nipples. You feel your first orgasm on it’s way and you know it’s only the beginning. That familiar feeling that has been gone all too long stirs in your lower stomach, your legs begin to shake, your breathing is out of control.

With the feeling of Michael’s breath on your neck and his demand for you to cum, you do exactly what he wants right away. Your legs clamp together on his hand but he still manages to move his fingers to let you ride the rest of your orgasm out. Once your body has calmed back down, he unbuttons and unzips his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers. His erect member springs out and stands tall, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Your hand unconsciously moves to his member, grasping it tightly and moving up and down his shaft. You move your thumb slowly across the tip of his head to wipe the pre-cum away. You are rewarded with a very sexy moan from Michael.

You’ve never gave head to a man other than Michael and only on rare occasions for him but tonight, you’re feeling as though it will be your last time with him so you swoop your head down and immediately take as much of his length into your mouth as possible. Sucking at a slow and steady pace you do your best to please Michael. You look up to see his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open, his chest moving up and down, his tongue coming out every once in a while to lick his dry lips. The sight of him in such a manner turns you on even more and gives you the urge to really please him. You take the chance to move to the floor, getting on your knees you grab at his penis again and suck him back into your mouth, taking him further down your throat than you ever have before. Remembering the porn videos you two watched together you get some ideas to try new things and they work magnificently well. Better than you thought they would. His voice echoing obscenities throughout the house, his hand and fingers tangled in your hair, tugging gently every now and then. You soon feel his member throb, pulse, grow even more inside your mouth. You know he’s near. You continually stroke his dick with your hands, moving them up and down in semi circles to try and get possibly every inch. You lean your head down to the tip and with the slightest touch from your tongue dipped in the hole at his head he cums immediately. His sperm shoots on your lips, some in your mouth, but you don’t wipe it off this time. You want to remember it for as long as possible. You want to be dirty tonight. You look up at him and smile, running your hands slowly up his thighs to his neck where you stand up and straddle his lap. You pull him toward you and kiss him deeply. You feel tears sliding down your face once more, missing his love, his kisses, him altogether.

He kisses them away once more and tells you it’s ok. You feel a wave of comfort wash over you. You miss him so very much. He kisses your neck, your lips, your cheek, your forehead, your chest, your hands…as much as he can. You almost think maybe he feels the same way, that this will be the last time he will ever have you like this.

You want to feel him inside of you so you grab his penis, lifting your hips up and positioning yourself over him. He isn’t fully hard again yet but you know you can get him there quickly. He slides in, all 10 inches and boy you’ve really reduced when it comes to size. Leo is only 7, which is great for the average woman but you’ve already been tainted by Michael’s size…anything smaller just doesn’t do it’s justice…anything else doesn’t do it’s justice like Michael. You both lean your heads back as your wetness wraps warmly around his size, fitting him like a glove. You squeeze your lips around him a couple of times to fully wake him up and it works just as quick as you expected. You’re soon riding him gently, slowly, carefully. You wish this moment could last forever. His hands find your hips and moves you at a faster pace. You start to ride him like you’ve never done before. Tears are shed, pleas are fulfilled, God is called upon. Before you finish he flips you over to lay down on the couch, he inserts himself again and takes off where he left.

Thrusting and stroking your insides with such force but gentleness that you cum 4 times in a row. Michael cumming with you on the last one. You both lay on the floor in all your naked glory, trying to catch your breaths.

He turns to you and admires your beauty, making you blush. You look away and bite your lip, mindlessly playing with your hands. He gently turns your face to look at him, he’s still crying, his eyes still begging you for mercy.

“Please baby, stay with me. I need you. I swear I’ll do anything you ask of me. I can’t live without you and the kids. Please stay with me.” His tears fall quickly, multiplying. You feel your own tears coming back. Falling just as quick as his.

“I miss you so much, Michael.” You lean into his body and let all your frustrations out. Telling him why you left, why you were so busy this year, why you wanted to avoid him as much as possible, why you hated him. You let it all out. And like always, he does nothing but comfort you, listening to every word you say and gently rubbing your back, kissing you here and there, caressing your body. You begin to think about the good times you’ve had together. You repeat some out loud for Michael to share the memories with you.

As morning comes so does reality. Realizing you never called home to Leo, and that you have 5 missed calls from him, you start to panic. You get up and begin to get dressed. Michael sits up and watches you for some moments.

“Baby…Don’t go.” He begs of you with the softest tone you’ve ever heard from him. You look at him slightly surprised that he’s still asking of this from you. Your body freezes up again and you can’t find words to speak.

“Please don’t walk away.”

Old Miss Mauddie May ( Michael Jackson Related/R-rated/Hardcore disturbing graphic content)

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A day, so sunny blue. Where the grass is green with bright flowers of fuchsia, purple, red, pink, yellow and some the folks dont even know what the color is. The sky is blue with white puffs of clouds scattered around like an expensive noteworthy piece of art. The small homes surrounded by acres and acres of land, dirt, soil, and farms…and more grass.

This little town in Georgia, a small town barely anybody heard of these days. Filled with lively people, colored folks, white folks, and a little of everything in between. The smallest neighborhood in the town lives 5 residents. The Jackson family, Old Miss Mauddie May, The Stones family, Richard and his pit bull, whom he calls his baby, Biscuit, and last but definitely not least, Mister Barren. Now what a lot of folks wouldn’t understand is why amongst the white neighborhood lives a black family…not rich, not poor, but they doing ok. They just living mighty fine as they would say.

This family has been through a lot let me tell you. The husband has been beat by his father as a child, seen his mother beaten daily by his father, was picked on all through his childhood because of his skin condition, and grew up to have been beaten and ridiculed by the whites when he made enough money on his own, meaning no help from the white folks, to buy him and his family a nice little home in a white neighborhood.

The wife was not always the lady she is now, she, being black also, had a lot to deal with. and being one of the darker sistas, only made it worst. She use to think she was the ugliest thing that lived. Nobody would want her when she was young, no boys ever talked to her, only she got picked on just like the rest of the blacks..but Mrs. Jackson took it to heart, tried one day to drown herself in a lake knowing nobody would care. She had no parents, they got killed in a horrid  fire planned and started by the whites, no sistas, no brothas, they all died in the fire too. She was just a baby and her Mother managed to save her from that nightmare but when she went back in to get her older children…it was unfortunately too late.

But that sad day at the Lake, her life turned upside right and has been wonderful since then. She hasnt thought of suicide, murder, jealously, envy..none of those horrible traits she had so fevered inside of her once a long time ago. All thanks to Michael…her dear husband.

He was taking a daily stroll through the park nearby the lake, when he saw her lifeless body floating atop of the water, her dress soiled and wet, covered in moss and filth from the lake. Being the good hearted soul he is he ran to her aid in a flash, jumping in the water knowing he himself can’t swim and successfully bringing her to shore, giving her mouth to mouth, pumping her chest, crying and beggin ‘God please No’ until a gugrle comes from within her lungs and water spurts out of her mouth. Her eyes flutter open she chokes a little on the water still erupting from her lungs and mouth as he pats her gently on her back, holding her up like  a baby being burped.

Ma’am, are you ok? ” His soft sweet tender voice fills her hearing, she opens her eyes a bit more and after adjusting to the bright sun above she thinks she’s dead. That an angel has brought her home. This angel sure is a handsome one. She thinks to herself.

Miss? can you speak? please say something…do you think you’ll be ok? There’s not a doctor for at least 13 miles ma’am and if you think you need to go then i gotta take you immediately…why am i still sitting here asking you questions?” He picks her up without a bead of sweat, carrying her to his sport of transportation and starts down the street. Constantly asking her questions to make sure she is still conscious. A storm threatens the two strangers as Michael is about only a quarter down the way.

Aw shit. Ma’am it looks like it’s gonna be pretty bad, Ima take you home now ok? Ima keep you safe. I wont hurt you I promise.” He speaks with sincere in his voice. Once at his little home, more like a homely shack, he lays the beauty down on his couch, gets her plenty of his best and warmest towels he could find and locks the doors and windows shut, waiting for the storm to come and pass.

Ma’am…how are you feeling?” He brings her some hot tea, helping her sit up and handing the cup to her gently. she doesn’t respond…only she looks away with tears in her eyes.

Ma’am…please talk to me. I ain’t gon hurt you. If I had those intentions I would have already done it now come on. Talk to me.” He waits patiently, very patiently, not saying another word he sits her tea down after realizing it’s probably cold now that she hasn’t touched it. when he sits back he’s surprised with a slight tackle and a waterfall of tears from the unique beauty. She confesses everything she can remember to him, holding on to him tight, not wanting to let go. All that she’s been through, faced, put against, conquered, and failed…all now out and in the open. His ears, mind, and heart taking in every word, every tear, every emotion coming from this poor soul. He doesn’t say a word through it all, just holds her, rocks her gently and nods his head when needed.

Until she’s done confessing her story to him. But all that’s said is “it’s alright…you’re gonna be fine.” Now usually that’s nothing to some people. they need a bit more inspiration than that…but for Annie that was all that was needed. Through the night they embraced each other, not saying anything…just holding each other.

Not more than a year later they married and moved in together. It was a quick marriage, nothing special seeing as neither has reliable family, nor friends. No dress, no tux, no flowers, just wedding bands and a small cake Michael had made especially for them.

They even celebrated their marriage alone.

After getting the Marriage license from the Judge Michael carried his wife home and made sweet sweet love to her that entire night. Neither had been intimate with anyone before that night. Michael was faithful to the Lord, not wanting to give his innocence away until he knew he had the right woman. Annie, she wanted to, so she could feel loved but nobody ever gave her the chance. But that wedding night was explosive for the both of them. the soft moan, the loud screams, the fervent calls to God just made their relationship even more pure and lasting.

But that’s when Annie saw a spot on her husbands back, it was a dark spot…much darker than the light caramel skin she saw on a daily basis. Then she looked more and there were more dark spots, some light spots and even some white spots.

Michael? Are you sick?”

No. Not technically…I dont know Annie baby. The doctors don’t know what it is I have. I’ve had it since I was 24. It changes the color of my skin baby. Im darker than what you see. I wasn’t born this way.” He breaks down and cries, holding his wife tight as she embraces him with pure love, and understanding.

It’s gon be alright Michael. We gon pray every night and every morning that God sees you through this.” She rubs his upper back lovingly, kissing his hair, caressing his cheek, and wiping his tears away. Annie kisses her husbands mouth, his nose, his forehead, his hands, fingers, and his neck. They lay back down, kissing each other with such heat that they could have started a fire if they wanted to.

I love you so much Annie baby. So very much. You mean everything to me.”

Shh Michael. Ima make you feel better. Dont you worry.” She removes her finger slowly from his soft red plump lips and kisses them once more before they make love once again.

8 months later they have their one and only baby. A baby girl named Pennie. A beautiful baby was she. Had a mixture of her mothers light root beer eyes and her Fathers deep mysterious, soul captivating brown eyes. Her fathers heavenly smile, the high cheek bones of both parents and the head full of curly jet black hair. She was a dark baby. Her mothers tone. But a beautiful baby she was. Pennie had almost everything she wanted and needed. never had to wait for something she wanted. Her daddy made sure of that. He worked night and day to keep it that way too. But on a bright sunny day Pennie went out to play in the yard, her gut was telling her not too. Her mother did too. But Pennie is an independent little girl…very stubborn too. She sat on the stairs of her porch talking to her mother while a dog across the street was barking its head off.

Pennie? Penni! Dont you worry about that dog now you come on in here and eat girl!” Her Mother called to her from inside.

But Momma, it’s just a little dog, he aint gon do nothing. I aint going over there anyway.”

Pennie I said come on inside girl! Dont make me tell you again…. Your father will be home soon Pennie. You want me to tell him you’ve been misbehaving? Hm? Pennie! Gril dont you hear me talkin….Pennie? Pennie!!! Baby where are you! Pennie! Oh God my baby! Where’s my baby?!” Annie runs around screaming like a chicken with its head cut off. She looks all around her lot, all in the house, screaming for her baby to appear, beggin God to not have let anything bad happen. Once she cant find her around the house she runs in the Kitchen and calls Michael. Within 10 minutes he’s running down the street calling for Annie, looking for Pennie. Once he passes Richard’s place something stops him in his tracks. He backs up, breathing hard, his chest heaving up and down. He looks in the window from his spot and sees what almost kills him there in his tracks. His baby girls little red bow she had on today…around her waist.

Oh God…Annie!!!! Call the cops !!! I’m goin to Jail” He storms in the house, kicking the vicious pit bull dead in the nose and hushing it quiet. There’s a whimper coming from the bedroom, and struggle of something being held down, the cries of a little girl. He stands outside of the bedroom, closes his eyes and prays that what he thinks is happening aint happening because Lord forgive him but he will become a sinner this day forth. He takes a deep breath and with the slight turn of the knob, the door opens up and there lies his baby girl, crying, kicking, screaming, hitting, struggling underneath this white man…a grown ass man….raping his daughter…his only child.

Hey! Hey nigger get your ass out of my house! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” He removes himself from Michael’s Daughter, whos body is now lifeless, pulls his pants up and grabs his shot gun ready to aim and fire at Michael for trespassing. But before he can even cock the gun Michael whips out his .38 caliber and shoots Richard point blank between the eyes. A quick shot, a quiet shot. Nothing near as tragic as what has happened to his daughter. He can’t worry about that now. He grabs Pennie’s little body from the bed and carries her across the street to their home.

NOOO!!! My baby!!! My baby! Oh God why?” Annie breaks down seeing Michael coming across the yard with their daughters body limp and nude in his arms. Tears streaming down his face, blurring his vision, mixing with the blood from his lip from biting it so hard. He lays his baby down on her bed, checking her pulse and listening to her heartbeat. She’s still breathing thank God. Now it’s time to finish business.

She’ll be fine. keep talking to her, get her some ice, and just stay with her Annie. I have something to take care of.” He says with no emotion as he walks out of the room his features hard as steel but tears steadily falling from his lids. Nobody is outside except for one person.

Is she gonna be ok Michael?” He ignores her question and concern, walking toward Richards home once more, he shoots the vicious pitt bull Biscuit in the head, hushing him for good, goes back into the room where Richard is and kicking him in the face, with all the force he has. Punching him till his own knuckles bust open and bleed, screaming, crying, pleading till he cant no more. Nobody ever came to stop him, the cops never been called, it was as if they were the only people in the neighborhood that day. Eventually Michael shoots Richard again, killing him twice for what he’s done to his baby girl. He walks home across the street and sits down at the table, running his hands through his hair and breaking down letting all the pain and suffering he’s dealt with go. Crying it all away.

Michael…” His wife calls gently to him placing a hand on his shoulder. She leans down and embraces him once more, whispering she loves him and Pennie is going to be ok. After slight moments of disbelief and depression he finally comes to, holding his wife, apologizing for what’s to come because of this, blaming himself for going in today, trying to make it seem like a terrible nightmare. But the truth always sets in right? 2 years later a mob of white people come marching down the neighborhood, chanting they’re gonna lynch them all. “Kill the niggers! Kill the little nigger girl first! Kill the niggers!” Torches, axes, knives, guns, and more dangerous weapons being held and fist pumped into the air as they chant. the KKK members get a head start by lighting a fire to the house, engulfing it in flames and chanting ‘Down with the niggers!’ The mob reaches the home and throws their weapons into the fire, into the house, shooting the house making sure to kill any and everything in it. not giving a fuck what’s inside. after 3 days of the home being attacked, the cops come to look for the bodies to burry them God knows where. But no bodies are found, no fiber of life ever found inside the home, nothing just a burnt down old home…no sight of life ever having been there.

Michael…it’s happened….you’re very welcome dear…dont you worry about a thing. you take care now, tell your wife and daughter i love them. You too. bye bye.” I hang up the phone, smiling to myself at the glory of that lovely family has amongst them.  They’ve moved a long long time ago. Knowing sooner or later that mob was gonna come after them. Luckily Michael had a stash of money put away for a rainy day…boy was it some rainy day. I knew they left, I helped them somewhat. I gave little Pennie some dolls I made, some clothes for her and her mother, and i even gave them some money in case Michael’s wasnt enough to last until they got situated…what can i say? that family is invincible. you’ll never break them after the bullshit they’ve been through.

God Bless them where they now stand.

Old Miss Mauddie May.

Out Here On My Own

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“Michael! Michael!! Boy come here!” Joseph yells to his son, ducking under the bed trying to grab him as Michael scurries back even further beneath the bed.

“NO! Leave me alone! I didnt do anything!” He screams back at his father, crying from fear of being beat to death. He called to his mother but her heart just couldnt take it. She left the house knowing nothing she could do would help her son. Not after he told Joseph to ‘leave him the hell alone’ .

“Ima get you eventually Michael. Ima get you! you aint getting out of this one boy!” Joseph gives up for now, breathing deeply after the workout Michael had given him. He’ll have to come from under that bed soon enough and i’ll be right there waiting. Then I’m tearing his little butt up!

Michael stays under the bed and continues to cry. Wishing, praying and hoping that this will end. That somebody comes and saves him. His brothers, sister, mother…anybody…but nobody comes to his aid. They all know better to interfere with one of Josephs rampages. He curls himself up in a ball holding onto himself tight. He tries to stop crying because he can feel a migraine coming strong.

“Hey Michael? How long you gonna be under there? You might as well get it over with.” Jermaine, Michael older brother…his closest brother his confident and best friend…who just sat there and looked…he didnt try to help Michael whatsoever. None of them did! Everytime they get in trouble I’m the only one to stand up and defend them! i get in trouble with them because they’re my family and I love them and its WRONG for that man to beat them like that but they dont do it for me! They dont care about me! Nobody cares about me!

“Just leave me alone Jermaine. I dont want to speak to you or anyone else for that matter just leave me alone!” Michael screams at him. Jermaine leaves the room shaking head muttering things Michael doesnt want to even hear. Get it over with. It’s going to happen anyway…no! it shouldnt have to happen. He just gets a kick out of beating us and nobody does anything because they are scared! At least i fight back!!!

His thoughts continue to race, reminiscing on all the times he’s gotten beat, thrown against a wall, tripped, punched, kicked, slapped, whipped…from the very first day he can remember. Anger builds in his heart, his mind, and his soul. I can’t take this no more. He’ll be the death of me if I stay here any longer!

Michael looks around the room, carefully and quietly. Not wanting to make much noise. Once he see’s the clear room he scurries from under the bed and sprints to the door locking it then putting the dresser behind it to block it.

He grabs his school backpack and fills it with clothes and books. He puts on 2 pair of pants, 3 shirts, a jacket, 2 pairs of socks and his little loafers. He then opens the window, looks outside and around to make sure Joseph isnt there waiting for his Mother to come back home.

He climbs out of the window and Joe unfortunately walks around the corner of the house, seeing Michael and immediately sprints toward him with a his belt ready to beat him. Michael runs across the yard into the neighbors where the vicious pit bull is hungrily awaiting him. The dog barks and Michael runs like lighting. He hears his father screaming for him to keep running, to not come back home.

He does what he says and continues to run, leaving his life behind him and not looking back. His breath quickening, his heart beat racing…thumping inside his chest. He runs and runs and runs. Tears stream down his face blurring his vision here and there but he quickly wipes them away.

“Boys dont cry! My sons will NOT cry! You wanna cry I’ll give you a reason to cry!” Is all that he can hear as he wipes the tears away. His father always told him that. It just pushes him further, keeps his adrenalin high and keeps his legs going. Stride by Stride, Sprint by Sprint.

As he still runs he passes by a bridge…there he slows down and walks back, taking a look at the bridge. As his breath calms down he walks under the bridge and sits down, catching his breath wishing he had brought some water to drink.

He lays downs using his backpack of clothes and books as a pillow, and falls into a deep sleep.

The next day he wakes up, taking in his surroundings and begins to cry again. He misses his family already. He doesnt have his mother anymore, his brothers and sisters…nobody. He’s now on his own. They probably arent even looking for me. He wipes his tears and forces them to stop dropping. He picks a book from his backpack and beings reading. The first line catches his eye and in a very bittersweet way, warms his heart.

One day in your life, you must take control. Handle the situations that come to you with pride, honesty, and faith. They will be dealt with. you pass those test your life puts you through and you will succeed. One day In your life…you must take a chance…make a change…and follow through.”

As Michael finishes the paragraph, he looks up at the sky, the clouds are puffy and white, the sky clear and blue. The sun shining brightly down upon him. He smiles to himself.

“I am going to follow through…I am going to pass it. On my own.”